FAQ's for Book Submissions

Submissions for the book are now closed! Updates for accepted work will be posted to the the Women of Type Instagram page + the WOT newsletter. Selected artists will be emailed directly from womanoftype@gmail.com Thank you!




Image Sizing & Specs

Submit your work as is in either PNG, JPG or JPEG format. If your work is accepted, further steps for sizing, color profile, etc will be in your welcome email.

How many pieces can I submit?

The cost per submissions includes 2 images, but you may submit as many times as you'd like.

Can I submit more than once?

Yes. The cost per submissions includes 2 images, but you may submit as many times as you'd like.

Can I use fonts in my work?

Yes, but it's encouraged to make your work as original and as you as possible.


Can I submit a piece(s) in a language other than English?

Yes! This book is meant to be a celebration of diverse creativity. However, you must provide an English translation with your piece as I don't have the means to hire a multi-ligual translator. Pieces without translations will not be considered.


Will illustrations or photography be considered?

Illustrations and photography only including type and/or lettering will be considered. Illustration or photography is encouraged as long as the type is the focus of your piece(s). If it is photography it must be a photo of your own original work. For references on work that will be considered, check out previous work that has been posted on the WOT IG page.


How and when will I know if my work is accepted?

If your work is accepted you will be contacted only via email from womanoftype@gmail.com. Please add this address to your email address book so it doesn't go to spam. I will be posting updates both on IG and via the Women of Type email list. Submissions are open until August 10th, and reviews will start shortly after.


Can I submit on behalf of someone else?

No. All applicants must apply themselves.


Can I submit via email/IG?

No. Only submissions sent via the website will be considered.


What rights do I retain for my work?

Artists will retain all/full rights for their own work. 

Why are you charging for submissions?

I am one person running this whole show! I am self publishing and self funding this entire project. Between the cost of that, and the time to go through all of the submissions, while continuing to run this community and my full time life - I need to be able to have my time compensated in a small way.