Some Type of Woman: Emma Grace (a mini feature!)

Congrats to Emma Grace (She/Her) on winning the WoT giveaway! I sent Emma a few questions about her career and work - check it out.

Emma has been designing for 5 years, and a professional photographer for the last 9! You can find her work on IG @emmagracephotographs and on her online portfolio.

Emma's work is best described as vibrant. She's always loved pop art and it definitely shows up a lot in her freelance work with hints of her inspo pointing in her corporate work too. Even if she's creating something simple and clean for an office setting, Emma loves to add pops of color to make it more exciting and create focal points.

WoT: Give a short and sweet piece of advice or knowledge that you wish you had when you first started your creative journey
EG: Other people's success doesn't make you any less talented and jealousy is never cute. If you can view other designers as a source inspiration instead of competition, you'll be a better creative and a better human.
 emma grace graphic design  
Do you have a signature style? Can you speak to how you got to realize it as your own?
I started freelancing as a photographer when I was just 17 and that definitely still shows up through my design style. I still shoot all the time and I love mixing photography with design. I combine a lot of Pop Art elements with photo manipulation techniques
Who is your dream client?
Mitski. I'm constantly feeling inspired by her music and I've created a couple designs based off her lyrics. It's been five years since the release and I'm still obsessed with the graphics in her music video "Townie."
Is there a single piece or collection in your portfolio that you’re particularly proud of?
I'm really proud of the record design I created for my husband's band The Lunar Laugh. Not only because I like the way it turned out, but it's really sentimental. We first met at a concert, so music was the first thing we connected on. The band was also kind of going through a style transition at the time, so it was fun figuring out how to reflect that through the design. I listened to their lead single "Waiting for a Sign" a lot while I was figuring out the creative direction and I really think the album looks like how that song sounds.
the lunar laugh