WOT Artist in Residence Program Info

The Women of Type Artist in Residence program is best suited for women and nonbinary lettering and typography artists, whether they're beginners or midway through their careers, and possess a portfolio showcasing their skills and efforts in the industry. 

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Sign up for emails to be notified for when the residency reopens.

Over four months, Women of Type will select four artists for month-long virtual residencies, during which they'll create lettering and typography work that aligns with Women of Type's ethos. Artists will share their creative process, engage with our community, and spotlight their portfolio, services, and other creative pursuits

As compensation, selected artists will be paid $800 USD, Paperlike's Pro Pack, Women of Type Merch, and more.

The WOT AIR Program was conceived to give back to the Women of Type community and offer opportunities to talented creatives who show extraordinary talent and efforts to further their lettering/typography careers.


What dates will the virtual residency take place?

The exact dates are not yet finalized, but each residency will last a month. The first round will likely have a start date at the end of September or start of October 2023. Moving on to Oct-Nov, Nov-Dec and Dec-Jan.

When will applicants know if they are chosen for the residency?

The first selected artist will be notified via email on or before Sep 23, 2023.

What is the time commitment for the residency?

Approx one month

Will there be one cohort, or multiple cohorts throughout the year?

There is currently sponsorship for this first cohort of 4 artists, but looking forward to be able to offer this through out the year with support from sponsors.

Will submissions close when a certain number of applications have been received?

Nope! Applications will close September 19, 2023.

Are you interested in grants or only sponsors for these types of programs?

If any person or brand would like to gift a grant or sponsor Women of Type programming please be in touch via the partnerships form.

Is it necessary to speak English in front of the camera or off-screen?

No. If a selected artist doesn't speak english or does not feel comfortable speaking english, they may speak in any language they prefer most. However, translations and captions in English must be provided.

Are there specific months to which artists will be assigned?

Yes, each round a new artist will be selected for that upcoming month. As of right now spots are available for October, November, December and January. Dates might move around depending on holidays, time of year, scheduling etc.

What are the creative expectations of artists in residency for new works, events, etc during their month of residency?

The selected artists will be expected to create 2 original in feed static posts and 2 reels that lean towards educational or process content. The reels may be created using footage from creating the static posts. Further briefing and engagement options will be provided to the selected artists.

Does all work shared have to be new to be included in the residency?


Will WOT have any creative direction over the work before it’s made?

Minimal. This program is meant to let the artists and their creative style shine. All work will be approved to ensure aligning with WOT’s values and ethos. Further briefing will be provided to the selected artists.

Will WOT retain any licensing/permissions over works created during the residency?

Both WOT and Paperlike will retain a one year usage permissions for social media posting only. Artists will always be tagged in the work.